Christ Lutheran Church

Youth Ministries

Sunday School

Our trained teachers lovingly communicate the truths of many Bible stories through lessons, crafts, and interactive methods in graded classes from tiny tots to 8th grade. Led by the guitar, each week they join together in joyfully singing Christian songs. This is a wonderful way to connect our children with the ancient biblical persons such as Adam, Eve, Abraham, Moses, David, and especially Jesus. There is no charge for these lessons. Feel free to attend with your child. Every Sunday at 9:15 AM. Click here to read more about our Sunday School.

Free Baptisms (for any child or adult who requests it)

There is no charge for a baptism at Christ Lutheran. This is part of our ongoing ministry to our members, their families, and to our community. We pray that God would use this special event to strengthen your own faith and your appreciation of his grace. Learn more about Baptisms at Christ Lutheran by visiting this page: Baptism at CLC.

Summer Bible Camp

One week in the summer becomes a wild and crazy time as carloads of kids come for crafts, food, games, songs, and special graded lessons for kids from Pre-K through High School. Our 2016 Summer Bible Camp invites children to join us for a fun-filled adventure centered on God's Word. Summer Bible Camp will be held at the church from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM, Monday - Friday, July 11 - July 15. Contact:

Easter for Kids/Christmas for Kids

Usually held on the Saturday shortly before these important Christian celebrations, these events focus on the main reason for the holidays. With a similar graded approach as the summer Bible camp, our wonderful staff makes it possible for children to learn about Jesus' birth and resurrection - the key events in the history of the world and Christianity. Parents are free to observe or go Christmas shopping or do other activities while we serve you and your children. Open to all children from Kindergarten to 8th grade.

Catechism Training

Designed to serve our 7th and 8th graders, our Pastor conducts special weekly lessons, working together with the children and parents to teach the main doctrines of the Christian Church in a more thorough study of the Bible. This age-old tradition enables us all to leave a richer legacy of faith to our children. If you desire such training for your child(ren), contact Pastor Lehmann.

Teen Bible Study

Our teen leaders help our youth to learn how to apply God's word to their lives and to see the high value of faithfully living in Jesus. This group is open to all high schoolers of the community. We meet at 9:15 AM on Sunday mornings.

Teen Activities

Whether it's the Corn Maze, game nights, designing and racing a cardboard boat in the annual Howard County Boat Float contest, or having a pumpkin carving competition, our teens are learning that life in Christ can be both greatly fulfilling and a blast! Watch our website for upcoming events.

Family Counseling

God's word, the Bible, has much to enrich our lives with his truth. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to know how best to apply it, especially in difficult personal or family situations. All of us experience those kinds of situations. It's a wonderful thing to have the wise counsel of a pastor who has been trained to help others work through problems with God's help. Pastor Lehmann is eager to help. Contact Pastor Lehmann.