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Other Ministries

World-wide Mission Support
We are aware that there are millions who do not yet know the wonder of God's love in Jesus. We are doing as much as we can in our local area, but realize that we cannot cover the rest of the world by ourselves. So we eagerly and substantially support missionaries and mission congregations throughout North America and the entire world. In order to do this efficiently, we have joined with more than 1200 other congregations in the WELS, a church body that is dedicated to doing all it can to bring Jesus to our world. Click here to read more about WELS World Missions. To see WELS Home Missions, use the following link: WELS Home Missions.

Christ New Focus Committee
Since its founding in the Fall of 2013, the Christ New Focus Committee has been working to refocus our ministry to better satisfy the mission that God has laid out for us, and to ensure that we have the stability to serve our Lord, ourselves, and our neighbors now and into the future. The committee has embarked on a number of initiatives to promote congregational and community involvement, through midweek Bible studies, periodic hymn sings, and even a sketching and drawing club; to stay in better contact with our membership through the work of our board of elders and semi-annual open forums; to create a better welcoming environment for our visitors through improved greeter awareness and narthex furniture upgrades; to increase our use of electronic media and church management software, and to work toward fostering a strong financial posture through regular and concise reporting, and enhanced stewardship awareness.

Prayer Ministry
A group of us have formed a prayer chain and are ready and willing to pray for anyone who requests us to ask God for his help. If you would like us to pray for you, please contact Pastor Lehmann: click here to send an email.

The purpose of the greeters' ministry is to practice people-centered hospitality, motivated by and modeled after Christ's love, by welcoming guests (and members) to worship and making them feel welcome at Christ Lutheran. Those who volunteer as greeters will serve at one worship service every 4-6 weeks, as well as at 1-2 seasonal worship opportunities during the year (Christmas, Lent, etc.). Volunteers of all ages are welcome, and families are encouraged to volunteer.

Talent Show
As a form of encouragement to our talented and not-so-talented members, young and old, we hold an annual potluck dinner and talent show. Perhaps you have a song, a wrestling technique, a Civil War re-enactor, or you are a poet, musician or comb player, we want to hear/see you! We're always looking for more - perhaps it might be you!

Music Ministry
Quite a number of our members are talented and trained in music. From our keyboard players/organists to our choir to our instrumentalists (some of whom are quite young), there is a keen desire to use our gifts to minister to the congregation at worship, by accompanying our songs of thanksgiving and praise. Some instrumentalists, such as the organists, participate on a regular schedule. Other instrumentalists join in during special services or seasons of the church year. Small ensembles play both traditional and contemporary songs.

Women In Christ (WIC)
Gathering for service, fellowship, and Bible study, our WIC members to everything from helping to set up serving schedules and planning potlucks to caring for the altar and preparing banners for the sanctuary. They are "multitaskers"! To learn more about these fantastic ladies, contact our office.

Lutheran Women's Missionary Society.
Lutheran Women's Missionary Society (LWMS)
Twice a year, those ladies who are especially interested in missions and missionaries in our country and around the world who are devoting their lives to sharing Jesus with those who haven't heard of him before, gather together on a Saturday in one of our district churches. It is exciting to hear the stories our dedicated missionaries have to tell about their work and the people they serve and to support them. If you would like participate in such an event, contact Ali Bradley at Click here to visit the LWMS web page: Lutheran Women's Missionary Society.

Mission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (MDHH)
Christ Lutheran Church is working together with the WELS Mission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in order to reach out to those with a hearing loss with the saving message of Jesus Christ. Click here for contact information.

Other Ministries
We have many opportunities to use God-given talents for the good of His Kingdom. Here are a few:
  • Newsletter Staff
  • Outreach Team
  • Prospect Newsletter Staff
  • Property Committee
  • Fellowship Event Planning Committee
  • Worship Committee