Christ Lutheran Church

Guests and Visitors

Perhaps as someone new to our church (or to this website), you know the overwhelming feeling of standing in front of a bulletin board that is a veritable mosaic of colors, shapes, and information overload. Too many choices can be paralyzing. The same can be true with our spirituality. Perhaps you have so many questions about God or Christianity that you may not even be sure if a lifetime will grant you time enough to explore all of the answers.

Where do I start? How should I plug in? What am I supposed to do?

Here are a couple ways to get started:

What to Expect

  1. A heart-felt welcome. We love our visitors!
  2. Classes for all ages. At 9:15 our children gather in age-related groups for Sunday School, teens gather in their group, and adults have their Bible study led by Pastor Lehmann. We supply Bibles and study guides.
  3. A clear building lay-out. The worship space as well as bathrooms are marked so all can see.
  4. Singing. We sing out of our genuine love for God. You can sing with us or simply listen if you wish. Our hymnbook has more than 600 songs, and we also use songs from other sources, so there is a lot of variety. Singing is part of our worship. A printed folder helps us all know where we are in the service.
  5. Praying. We offer prayers to God out of thanksgiving and love. We ask for assistance for those who in travel, for our nation's leaders, and for those who ill or struggling with something.
  6. Bible Lessons. We listen to what our God has to say to us as we hear some portions of the rich variety in the Bible.
  7. Offerings. We take up a weekly collection for the work of the church here, but, we do not expect our visitors to contribute! After all, you are visiting and you should not expect to support to our work until such a time as you feel you can do so in good conscience.
  8. Sermon. Our Pastor provides us insight from a special section of the Bible. We find the teaching to be rich in the news of God's love for us in Jesus and helpful for our lives.
  9. The Gifts of God's People. Our worship is enriched and expanded through the talents and service of our members. From arranging the flowers on the altar to playing the keyboard to accompany our singing, we involve the gifts God has given us as a natural part of what we do. Musical talents are also gladly added to the service with instrumental accompaniments and by our Christ Lutheran Choir as we have the opportunity.

Our Community - how can you get connected?

Perhaps for you, attending a worship service is not your first choice, but, getting connected with God and other people is something you'd like to explore. So we offer a number of different ways to get started, all with no conditions or pressure. We promise!
  1. Spend as much time exploring our website as you wish... check out the links for resources and Bible helps... especially the Bible search options.
  2. Subscribe to our outreach newsletter, an informal monthly page with a timely article and update on future events.
  3. Subscribe to our congregational newsletter, which provides an article by our pastor, reports of current "happenings" and other information.
  4. Attend a worship service! You are welcome to watch or participate. Read more about our worship practice.
  5. E-mail or call our Pastor Lehmann with any question, request, or prayer request you might have. He's here to serve you in whatever way he can.
  6. Request an informational visit either from Pastor Lehmann or from a congregational member. We'll try to answer as many of your questions as we can, at your convenience.
  7. Attend our Sunday morning Bible class (children's and teens' classes are also held at the same time... feel free to check those groups out for your kids and, if you wish, have them try out a session). In these Bible classes we usually study deeper issues of the Bible and Christianity. Click here to read more about our ministries.
  8. Curious? Trying on Christianity to see if it fits can be a dressing-room experience, and sometimes this requires more of a private approach. Our Pastor offers a special Bible Information Class for those interested in a safe environment that meets for a specific period of time, and that serves as a basic introduction to Christianity, covering such topics as the root source of our "brokenness," as well as the historicity of and reason for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Bible Information class is designed as a kind of conversation for normal people just like you, who have an interest in exploring spirituality, and more specifically, Christianity.