Christ Lutheran Church


Although baptism is performed by human hands, it is God's own work.

Thank you for your interest in a baptism service for your child. This web page is intended to help you with the planning of this important event in the life of your family and of your child. Hopefully, it will answer questions you may have at this time. Our goal is to help you understand the meaning of baptism so that your child may experience the blessings of baptism.


Welcome to the Family of God

Baptism is God's welcome. Through this mysterious work, He forgives sins and welcomes your child into His family. Baptism is the first step on a life-long journey of faith. The faith that begins at baptism must be nurtured and strengthened for a lifetime. This is done through regular worship, regular study of God's Word, reading the Bible and fellowship with God's people. The Bible reminds us that if this faith is neglected, it may die.

A Meeting with the Pastor

To help you understand the meaning of baptism, our pastor leads a pre-baptism workshop upon request. Participants explore the biblical teaching of baptism and plan some important details about baptism: when, where, sponsors, etc.


At the time a child is baptized, we make promises like these:
  • The people of Christ Lutheran promise
    We promise to teach God's precious truths to all who are baptized. Christian love therefore urges all of us to assist in whatever manner possible so that your child may remain a child of God until death.
  • The parents promise
    This faith that God gives in baptism must be nurtured, just as a young plant must be tenderly cared for in order to grow to maturity. Faith in Jesus is preserved and grows through the work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit works through the Word of God. Reading Bible stories, talking about Jesus in your home, using the Sunday school and other educational agencies in the church, worshipping together - these are ways your child will be exposed to the Word through which the Holy Spirit will preserve and build up your child's faith. Are you willing to dedicate yourselves and your children to faithful use of God's means of grace: His word and sacraments for the strengthening of the faith He has given in baptism? Then answer by saying: "Yes, with the help of God".
  • The godparents promise
    You have assumed a responsibility to assist in this child's spiritual growth. Now that he/she has been baptized, you should remember to pray for him/her, and, as much as you are able, help his/her parents raise him/her to know and love God. If this you intend gladly and willingly to do, answer together, "Yes".

Godparents or Sponsors

The custom of asking someone to serve as a godparent or sponsor for your child is an old one. Since the responsibility is a spiritual one, you will want to ask people who are willing to keep the promises that they will make on the day of your child's baptism. We will send a letter to your child's sponsors after the baptism as a reminder of their privilege and responsibility.

Connected to the Worship Life of God's People

Normally, baptisms are performed in the church service because baptism brings an individual into the family of God. It makes good sense, then, for the church family to be part of this important event. God's gathered people will promise, along with you and your sponsors, that they will pray for you and for your child. However, you may choose to have your child baptized at the hospital or in your home. We discuss advantages and disadvantages of different locations at the pre-baptism workshop.

Other Considerations

We don't distinguish with regard to baptisms performed for children whose parents are married or unmarried. This is the Spirit's work in the child regardless of such circumstances.

A baptism is a wonderful opportunity for renewal and re-dedication to God for all the members of your family. Please don't hesitate to contact our pastor if you have any further questions, or if you would like to register for a pre-baptism workshop.