Christ Lutheran Church

A Meeting of Hearts

by Pastor Lehmann

Posted on March 17, 2020 6:51 PM

It's easy to approach the season of Lent intellectually. There are all sorts of big ideas and deep theological concepts contained in the story of Christ's Passion.
But we human beings are not only creatures of the mind. Being made originally in the image of God, we were also made to feel, and in Lent we encounter emotions of all sorts. More importantly, in Lent we encounter the mercy of God and the love he showed us and all sinners in the suffering and death of Christ.
We invite you to join us, therefore, for A Meeting of Hearts, Christ Lutheran Church's 2020 Lenten series. In these services we will meditate on what we find in our hearts and how that is met by the grace and greatness of what is in God's heart, for us.
We will worship on Wednesday evenings at 7:30, beginning on Ash Wednesday, February 26, and continuing each week until April 1. The series will continue through Palm Sunday, in our regular 10:30 AM worship on April 5, and finish up on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, April 9 & 10, meeting again at 7:30 PM.
Of course, the season of Lent leads us to a celebration like no other: Easter! Our theme this year is: Joy to the World - the Savior Lives! This high holy-day is happy not because of spring flowers, fuzzy bunnies, treat-filled baskets or thrilling egg hunts, but because Jesus rose from the dead, and in so doing solved mankind's most intractable problem once and for all. Literally for all, because everything he did for every sinner, and he is therefore all the earth's Savior. So we have every reason, then, to sing and proclaim the message of Easter, so that there might indeed be Joy to the World, because the Savior lives!